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For the record, Johnnie Walker Black Label launched its campaign to reach Latinos back in 1994-95, and my company (Joe Ortiz Associates) handled that account.

We were hired by IAC Advertising out of Miami (owned by Ana Maria Fernandez Haar)to not only promote Johnnie Walker Black Label, but we introduced Johnnie Walker Gold Label to the Southern California Latino community as well.

One of our assignments was to promote JWBL at various night clubs throughout southern California. Our Johnny Walker models would distribute free coupons to club customers. We also were asked to submit candidates to compete for the title of Miss Etiqueta Negra (Miss Johnnie Walker Black Label). We screened over a 100 candidates and submitted Nora Lopez, a young Latina from Los Angeles. Lopez goes on to win the title in a national competition held in Miami, Florida. Hundreds of special events thereafter featured Nora as "Ms Etiqueta Negra," gaining the product much exposure.

Our most notable accomplishment included being hired by legendary actor Rita Moreno to promote all the activities surrounding her receiving the Hollywood "Star on the Walk of Fame" in June 1995. The festivities included a large banquet in honor of Ms. Moreno receiving her star at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, which was attended by almost all Latino celebrities in Hollywood including Edward James Olmnos, Rosie Perez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lalo Guerrero and many others. Many notable Hollywood celebrities such as James Garner and Morgan Freeman Jr. also participated. According to Johnny Grant, the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, the "Star on the Walk of Fame" broke all media attendance records in the history of Walk of Fame event.

I would say that Johnnie Walker Black Label is well known by the Los Angeles Latino community; and any "renewed" efforts to gain additional exposure will be hard pressed to match its previous efforts.

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