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Meet The Best Of The Best Among Latin@s In Social Media And Tech Innovation

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October 29, 2012
By Ana Roca Castro

It is with great pride and honor that we would like to introduce you to The Best Of The Best in Cyberlandia.  These talented individuals and organizations have excelled in performance and dedication.  They understand how to reach the Latino community online.  We would like to thank Toyota for sponsoring the LATISM’12 Awards Gala.  Thanks to Toyota we were able to give everyone here a well deserved recognition.  If you missed it, you can watch it here: http://www.toyotainaction.com/story/latism-2012-conference

Congratulations to all the nominees and a huge round of cyber-applause to all the winners listed here. Visit them and congratulate each one for being such champions in helping this new industry gain credibility and high prestige.

Best Latin@ Business Blogger

Juan Tornoe – Hispanic Trending

Muchas gracias #Latism !!


Source: LATISM

Internet Gold Rush

Thanks to Latino Magazine for including my "dos centavos" on an article on their latest issue!

Internet Gold Rush
By Kathy Adams

SanchezcoverWhether the Latino niche sites will survive is a matter of how unique and relevant they can be, said Juan Tornoe, founder of Hispanic Trending, a blog that tracks trends in Latino marketing and advertising.

“I think that they have to be something that is really, truly relevant, something that is not out there or not being offered by anyone in a better way,” he said. “Because just me going out there and saying, ‘Hey, I’m a Latino site, buy from me or read from me,” it’s not enough. You have to truly step out from the crowd.”

For example, “Why would Latinos subscribe to a Latino-only social networking site when they can use Facebook?” Tornoe asked. And Latinos don’t add the word Latino to their searches online, so Latino-centric sites have to feature content that will pop up in their results organically. “You have to really, truly be able to provide a product, a service, an experience that is not obviously Latino but takes into consideration the wants and needs of the Latino community,” Tornoe said.

While enthusiastic about their cause and optimistic about their viability, it’s too soon to tell which sites will succeed, especially for those still in the startup phase. Sites such as Descuento Libre may have a hard time being unique enough to compete, Tornoe said. Some have already dissolved, but sites such as NewsTaco seem compelling enough to endure.

“I think some of the big spur of Latino-centric sites will begin to fade,” [Tornoe] said. “The ones that have the stamina, have the staying power both emotionally and [financially] and are offering a needed product or service or source of information, they will remain.”

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