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Providing Access to Your Website's Spanish Language Content in a Subtle, yet Relevant Way

EnieWe have been working on a way to clearly, but un-intrusively, provide access to our client's online Spanish content. The "En Español" button or hyperlink is simply boring (and it disenfranchises a percentage of the site's visitors), the Flag - be it from Spain or Mexico - even though helpful, to a certain degree leaves out people from other nationalities/heritages.

So in this new world where Social Media is pervasive, we found a way to "stand in giant's shoulders" and take advantage of the ever-present icons leading people to a company's social media pages: Sneaking in between the facebooks and twitters of the world a little icon with a simple "ñ" - enie. If in doubt of what it means, whenever someone hovers over it, a little text message appears which reads "En Español". Click and estarás en el contenido en español del sitio web.

Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 10.57.09 AM

Yes, the "ñ" is not exclusively used in Spanish but it has become a symbol that universally represents it.

Check our the unveiling of the Eñe Icon at our client's site: http://www.finishatut.org/ , The University of Texas System's new online bachelor's degree completion program.

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Internet Gold Rush

Thanks to Latino Magazine for including my "dos centavos" on an article on their latest issue!

Internet Gold Rush
By Kathy Adams

SanchezcoverWhether the Latino niche sites will survive is a matter of how unique and relevant they can be, said Juan Tornoe, founder of Hispanic Trending, a blog that tracks trends in Latino marketing and advertising.

“I think that they have to be something that is really, truly relevant, something that is not out there or not being offered by anyone in a better way,” he said. “Because just me going out there and saying, ‘Hey, I’m a Latino site, buy from me or read from me,” it’s not enough. You have to truly step out from the crowd.”

For example, “Why would Latinos subscribe to a Latino-only social networking site when they can use Facebook?” Tornoe asked. And Latinos don’t add the word Latino to their searches online, so Latino-centric sites have to feature content that will pop up in their results organically. “You have to really, truly be able to provide a product, a service, an experience that is not obviously Latino but takes into consideration the wants and needs of the Latino community,” Tornoe said.

While enthusiastic about their cause and optimistic about their viability, it’s too soon to tell which sites will succeed, especially for those still in the startup phase. Sites such as Descuento Libre may have a hard time being unique enough to compete, Tornoe said. Some have already dissolved, but sites such as NewsTaco seem compelling enough to endure.

“I think some of the big spur of Latino-centric sites will begin to fade,” [Tornoe] said. “The ones that have the stamina, have the staying power both emotionally and [financially] and are offering a needed product or service or source of information, they will remain.”

Click here to read the entire article.

In This Decade, Every Room Is A Screening Room : NPR

Consultant Juan Tornoe, who studies the Latino market in the U.S., doesn't see his phone as a screen, but as a "window to the world." He says cell phone usage is huge among Latinos — and their user habits are sophisticated.

"You're not only connected to friends and family, you get access to information," he says. "You get to send and receive e-mail. You get to participate in social media, listen to music, you name it."

Tornoe's window to the world is wide open, and that really appeals to Poniewozik. He says that 10 years ago, he'd write an article and have no idea what readers thought of it. No more.

via NPR's Morning Edition

Had the opportunity to chat with NPR's Elizabeth Blair a few days ago :-)

Texas Companies Share Uses of Social Media in Brand Management at Interactive Austin 2009

April 16, 2009
Press Release

IA09_200x60 Austin, Texas - Growing participation from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio companies builds support for the second annual conference of Interactive Austin 2009 , "How Social Media Can Enhance Enterprise Profitability.” Recognized nationally as a growing social media center, Austin will be hosting companies from across the state as they gather to share their expertise in using social media for brand management.

Business District Magazine’s one-day conference is designed to bring the use of social web technologies down-to-earth. The event hosts compelling dialogues and case studies from prestigious speakers and panelists who are the thought leaders in the field of web marketing and social media.

Texas companies are being drawn to the event to hear globally-recognized business strategist and Web 2.0 architect, Dion Hinchcliffe open the conference with a keynote on “Reinventing Business with Web 2.0.” The theme of this year’s conference is to explore how social media expands business activities online, helping companies to survive and thrive during the current economic times.

BMC Software headquartered in Houston will be represented at the event by William Hurley (whurley) chief architect and chairman of the open management consortium, who will open the afternoon session with his keynote, “Future Technology Trends and their Impact on Business and Culture

Southwest Airlines’ Christi Day, emerging media specialist, will provide case studies on how the airline has learned to meet their consumers online through the use of social media. San Antonio Express-News columnist, Alan Weinkrantz, known for his expertise in using social media along with traditional public relations practices, will participate in the social media strategies panel at the event.

“With Texas so well represented at this year’s event”, states Jason Myers, editor of Business District Magazine, “we anticipate the Interactive Austin conference becoming of national interest next year. We welcome thought leadership from every city to meet with us in Austin annually to learn of global technologies that unite us all.”

Supporting Austin organizations include the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, the Austin Technology Council, the Austin Interactive Marketing Association, Bootstrap Austin, Leadership Austin and door64 encourage local businesses to attend the event to better understand how to grow their businesses online.

”FG SQUARED is committed in bringing the thought leadership together to maintain the sharing of knowledge at Interactive Austin,” states Steve Golab, president and CEO of FG SQUARED, the title sponsor and driver of the event, “The use of social media in brand management and web marketing can improve profitability for companies as they expand their business presence online.”

Program, speakers, sponsor packages, exhibit details and on-line registration – are available at www.InteractiveAustin2009.com.

Exclusive for the Juan Tornoe Blog Readers:

Use code JT100 to get $25 off online registration.

See you there!